A new quiz concept for your               Club and Organisation

Introducing Zentih80!

Support your favourite club and organisation in a new fun and easy way.


Zenith80 is a unique trivia quiz concept, hosted and run by your club or organisation. 


Designed for members and fans. It's modern and easy to use, based on skills and knowledge.


A fresh quiz experience, where 80% of the revenue generated is allocated to your club.

A Quiz for every event
Zenith80 - 80 for your Club
In each trivia quiz you participate, 80% of the entrance fee goes to the club/organisation hosting the quiz. Choose your favourite club or any organisation that runs a Zenith80 quiz ...
Anytime - Anywhere!
You can participate in every Zenith80
trivia quiz competition anywhere,
hosted by the club or the
organisation you choose, at
the time the host announces.

Compete with other members,
relatives, friends and fans -
wherever you are!
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