Here's how it works - The club

  • Back-office & admin (payment solutions, results and statistics etc.) is handled by Zenith80


  • Cloud-based servers with dedicated staff in Europe during Quiz tournaments. The clubs host the Quiz - deciding the day/time and fee


  • 80% of all fees for each Quiz are dedicated to the club/ organisation. Clubs can easily create their own Quiz - choose subjects, questions and of course decide how the income will be used (prize to winner, set aside for specific teams/purposes etc)


  • Clubs get instant access to Quiz statistics: sales, revenue, winners etc.


  • Requires marginal effort from the club - less time/resource than a "usual" lottery

Benefits / Opportunities

  • New exciting event for members, fans, relatives and friends


  • Organize Quiz Anytime, Anywhere - For Anyone - During / After Matches, Weekends ...


  • 80% of all Quiz revenue is allocated to the club / organization


  • Absolutely optional to set aside "today's" Quiz income for e.g. girls 05, boys 08, materials etc. if desired


  • Use the Quiz platform as many times as you wish during the license period


What do you need to commit to?

  • Create questions/Quiz and be responsible for the start time - resource/time required is less than "regular" lotteries


  • Advertise the Quiz to members, fans, etc. to create interest (website, social media…)


  • Manage your own accounting - Zenith80 handles statistics, payment solutions and potential tax on the winner's prize


  • A license fee to Zenith80, approx. £20-200/month, depending on club size

  • No binding period for license fee - used as long as desired

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