The concept is suitable for all sports clubs and/or organisations - regardless of size or focus!
Zenith80 is a Swedish company that has developed a new popular digital concept, especially suitable for e.g. sports clubs. Offers a new entertaining event - before, during and/or after the match - at the same time a positive impact on the club´s economy.

•  Easily creates a new event and experience for audiences and fans - before, during & after the match

•  Creates tradition, increases the club feeling and obviously the club´s economy
•  Participants can be on site (at the arena) or anywhere in Sweden or elsewhere
•  The club is awarded 80% of the gross entrance fees
•  Can set aside the Quiz income for particularly endearing purposes in the club

This is how the concept works

Platform, functionality and payment solutions are developed, ready and all in place
•  Competitors (members, fans, relatives and friends) joins the club's Quiz, via a web app, that can be saved on a mobile phone

•  As a Quiz Host - decide the subjects, questions, entrance fee, winners prize and day/time for each Quiz
•  Communicate (website, social media, etc.) when the Quiz takes place
•  Start the Quiz at the announced time - from a computer anywhere
•  Zenith 80 handles back-office and admin - payment solutions, results and statistics
•  Getting immediate access to turnover, winners prize and club's income after completing the Quiz
•  The same Quiz can be used several times - or you can easily create completely new ones Marginal time/resource required - less than "regular" lotteries
•  Can be arranged at any time, as often as desired

The role of the Club/Organisation:
-  Create opportunities for Quiz (eg in connection with home or away match, weekly quiz, etc.) by marketing/information among members and fans around the world
-  Can be prepared easily, efficiently and for a very long time in advance - all from a computer/smartphone

This is how a quiz works

*  The club easily creates its own trivia quiz and chooses the subjects and purpose of the quiz.
*  The club is hosting this quiz.
*  Each quiz consists of 6 rounds with 3 questions each. Each round can represent several different subject categories, such as own club, geography, sports etc. The three questions have four answer options, one of which is correct.
*  The host starts the quiz at the announced date/time and all participants start at the same time.
*  After answering each question, the correct answer is shown and between each round the own and leaders score is displayed as well as the own ranking.
*  Once the Quiz is completed, players and winners score is displayed, as well as the own ranking, plus how much was generated for the club.. 
*   In the event of a tie, the participant who used the shortest time wins.

*  After completion, all questions and own/correct answers are repeated for competitors to study.

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