About Zenith80

In the 20th century, the sports movement in Sweden grew and not least among children and young people, the opportunities for an active sports life opened up with all the benefits that it brings. Such as better health, friendship and for the elite perhaps also social and economic success.

This would, of course, need to be funded.

Clubs often started with lotteries and Advent calendars, which usually the little ones went around selling among neighbors and relatives. Some established Bingo, there were flea markets and it continued with cakes, socks, Christmas hams and the like. The voluntary work effort grew, for better or worse.


The sale contributed in a good way to the club's finances, but it became increasingly difficult to sell the products and it also took a lot of time from the sport. Many young people, and their parents, began to get tired.

The idea for Zenith80 arose in 2015 when the journey of building a new fun and exciting quiz, based on skills and knowledge, began. A form of competition with a focus on offering sports clubs a complement and a helping hand, relieving parents and members and also perhaps easing the various sales burden.

Now that Zenith80 is being launched, the clubs are the big winners who are actually awarded 80% of all stakes. Members, fans, family and friends can now feel less pressure to buy products you may not always see a great need for. Instead, you can completely voluntarily, from wherever you are and as often as you want, support your club and compete. Now in an interesting, educational and fun knowledge game, usually related to your own club, on your mobile phone or computer. This also keeps the brain going ...

Vision for Zenith80

To be a well known brand, available to all sports clubs/organisations that want a new experience, improved club feeling and economy.

Passion for Zenith80

Experiencing that clubs/organisations can provide more opportunities for young people and thereby offer better conditions for a positive upbringing.

Values for Zenith80

All forms of discrimination are rejected. We encourage equal opportunities for all and to personal responsibility. We encourage fair play and fellowship in a positive environment.

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