Examples from our collaboration with Rangers FC (Glasgow)

We have tailored a completely unique Quiz for Rangers. With their own logo and club colors, they choose their own questions, includes photos etc. so the product can be streamlined and "branded" as its own product.

This opportunity is of course available to all clubs, to really strengthen their brand among fans.

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The Swedish Basketball League recently wrote an article about our business. See the link below for the full article. (In Swedish)

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Selection of committed clubs/associations

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The Swedish Basketball League is the highest series in Swedish basketball.



A Basketball Club from Köping, plays in the Swedish Basketball League, the highest series in Swedish Basketball.



Superstars organizes supporters of Leksands IF, a hockey team from Dalarna that plays in the highest league, the Swedish Hockey League (SHL). 




Rangers Football Club is a football club in Glasgow, Scotland, which plays in the Scottish Premier League - the highest division in the Scottish Professional Football League.

Rangers FC have won more League titles and "Tripples" than any other club in the world.


Signed agreements & reviews in market research:

“We want exclusivity in our region”

"Will use it for educational purposes"

“A lot of potential”

"New things happening in our home matches, that's what we need"

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