Here's how it works - Players

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  • Use a smartphone, iPad or computer: Register - create a Zenith80 account - Log in


  • Click on "ALL QUIZZES" - Available Quizzes and their fees are displayed


  • Go to your "Profile" - Top up with Markers as needed


  • Click "INTERESTED" and then "JOIN GAME" when it changes to blue


  • Carefully read each question and answer option. You have 15 seconds to answer, then it automatically switches to the next question


  • Can regret and change to another answer option during the time period


  • After each question, the correct answer is displayed. Between each round, your own and the leader's score as well as your own ranking are displayed


  • Once the Quiz is completed, your own and the winner's score, your ranking and how much has been generated for the club/ organisation are displayed.


  • The winner's prize is displayed on their own screen, plus how many Markers have been generated for the club/organisation


  • The winner's own "Profile" now shows the number of Markers won


  • You select and click through information submission (potential tax purposes) and final net transfer to your balance sheet account. Or you choose to donate the won Markers to the club/host


  • Markers in your account can now be used for new Quiz Tournaments, donated to a club/organisation or resold (special button "WITHDRAW")

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