This is how it works

Start Quiz - PLAYER

Use a Smartphone
Sign Up - Log In - Prepare

1 Go to Can also be done from:
 a. Your club's website - if the link is prepared
 b. Zenith80's website - Go to "Activities", click on the green "Start Competing"

2 You are linked to - then click on "Sign Up"
 a. Enter your email
 b. Create an Optional Password
 c. “Display name”: The name that appears when you compete
 d. Press “Sign Up”
 e. You have now created a Zenith80 account

3 Go to your “Profile”
 a. “Markers Available” says 0 at startup
 b. Buy the desired number of Markers by clicking on the options
 c. “Markers Available” now shows the total number including recent purchases

Participate in a quiz
Logged in to - Click on "ALL QUIZES"

2. Available Quiz Tournaments are displayed:
a. Click on the selected tournament
b. Click on "Interested"
* To save this compound under "FAVORITES", click on ♥

3. Be prepared for the selected tournament start time - day/exact time.

4. You see what subjects this Quiz will be about, how many Markers it will cost and how many will participate.

5. Click "Join Game" when it appears blue (a while before starting). A "Notification" will be displayed for about 5 minutes before the start of the competition. Be prepared for the exact time when the countdown begins.

6. Carefully read each question and answer options. Consider that there are 15 seconds to read the question and give an answer, then it automatically switches to the next question (even if you have not had time to answer).
 However, answer the questions as soon as possible, because in the event of a tie, the one who uses the shortest time wins. There is time to regret and change to another answer alternative during the time period.

7. During the competition, the correct answer to each question is displayed. After each round (3 questions) your own and the leader's score are displayed as well as your own current ranking.

8. Note – Using a smartphone for a Quiz Tournament, it is recommended that potential incoming/outgoing telephone calls during an ongoing Quiz Tournament are avoided, as it is highly likely that you otherwise will be disconnected from the Quiz platform.

9. After Quiz completion, your own and the winner's score, your ranking and how much has been generated to the host/club is displayed. Also, all questions and own/correct answers are repeated for competitors to study.

10. Quiz host ​​(Club) will close the quiz after a good time margin when the total maximum time has passed.

For the winner it is displayed on own screen how much they have won and how many Markers was generated for the club. The winner's own "Profile" now shows the number of Markers won.

Winner select and click through information submission (potential tax purposes) and final net transfer to their balance sheet account.
Or they choose to donate won Markers to the Club/host.

Markers in the account can now be used for new Quiz Tournaments, donated to clubs or resold (special button, "WITHDRAW").

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